Griffin - Reasercher/ Lead investigator/Webmaster

O.K. this is yours truly I have made this website. I founded this team way back in 2009. I am in charge of the researching places to investigate. Then the team votes on which to go to. The location with the most votes we go to. I have studied many ghost hunts in my previous club so I am the most experienced of the team

Jill -Investigator

Jill helps us gather evidence and determine whether or not the places are, indeed, haunted.

Brian -Investigator

Brian is an investigator, and just helps us find our evidence

Chase- Co-Lead Investigator

Chase is my go-to guy, having helped out on many occasions, he has risen up the ranks to Co-Lead Investigator

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Terra Vista Cemetery- Valley View, OH
Maple Grove Cemetery- Vermilion, OH

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