Terra Vista Cemetery- Valley View, OH


     Terra Vista Cemetery lies near the supposedly cursed land of Tinker's Creek. Although history of the area is sparse, we found some. An Ottawa Native American tribe resided on the land before 1786, when they mysteriously abandoned the area. No one knows why the tribe picked up and left. 

       Shortly after the tribe's disappearance, a Moravian mission settled the land. They named the land "Pilgerruh," German for "Pilgrim's Rest." They lived there for many years, but missionaries didn't like the prosperous land. They wanted to leave, even though nearby tribes said they should stay. The pilgrims also quickly left the land, as the Ottawa tribe once did.

       The Connecticut Western Reserve Land Company (CWRLC) found Pilgerruh ten years after the Moravians left, in 1797. The CWRLC found the ruins of the ghost town and surveyed the area. It was renamed Tinker's Creek, after primary boatman from the expedition, Joseph Tinker. When the surveying was finished, the surveyors went back to New England. However, the curse of Pilgerruh stretched itself to Tinker and he drowned on the trip back.

         The graveyard itself has many names- Terra Vista, Hillside, Pilgerruh, and Old Indian- and many graves. The family plots of pioneer families and Moravians scatter the area. Some say the pentagram-shaped headstones in one corner bring cultists to the cemetery. Now, the forgotten cemetery sits alone, at the top of a hill, waiting for some unlucky person to arrive for the curse to strike again.



  1. Shadowmen
  2. Feeling of Being Watched
  3.  Children Giggling
  4. Orbs/Ectoplasm

Maple Grove Cemetery- Vermilion, OH


     Established in the early 1900's, Maple Grove is home to hundreds of graves, monuments, and mausoleums. Urban legend and possibly haunts surround two in particular.

       The first is the Fischer family plot. It is said that the mother, Lydia, murdered her daughter Alice. Another story says Alice was Lydia's sister and had a baby named Betty. Lydia then killed Betty. The only other coincidence besides Lydia's murder, is that Lydian had a statue of an angel erected in memory of her victim. After the statue was up, Lydia died. She was buried with her victim. Shortly after Lydia's death cows and other livestock started dying bloody deaths, and bad things happened throughout the town. Rumors spread that it was Lydia's angry spirit and that it possessed the statue. So, townsfolk went in and cut off the statue's wings and hands. Then, the deaths stopped. The statue was eventually removed due to vandals, but the Fischer graves are still there.

          The second story of haunting involves the all too familiar legend of Gore Orphanage. Nicholas Wilbur purchased the house (foundation still remaining at Gore orphanage) from Jonathan Swift. The Wilburs soon moved into the mansion. However, tragedy struck. Four of Wilbur's grandchildren died in the house, within six days. They are buried at Maple Grove. 


  1. Glowing Tombstones (Wilbur Family Plot)
  2. Orbs
  3. Female Voices (Fischer Monument Pedestal)

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Terra Vista Cemetery- Valley View, OH
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