St. Peter's Cemetary Investiagtion

Posted by Griffin on July 27, 2011 at 3:23 PM

Last night, we investigated St. Peter's Cemetary in North Ridgeville.

Investigators Present: Griffin, Eli

Part-Time Investigators: Carol

Equipment used: 3 digital Recorders, 2 Digital Cameras, Ghost Meter EMF Detector.

Our investigation started on the west side of the cemetary. We were just walking around. We caught an EVP breath.

We went to central building and caught nothing.

Next was where, on July 3, Brian, Tammy, Eli, and I saw two swings swing by themselves. We then split up, Carol went to graves again, and Eli and I stayed at the swings. We saw Eli get pushed on the swing and caught an orb going to a Hula-Hoop on the bench. I then switched places wioth Carol.

I went to the grave of Walter Morrison. His grave said "Walter Mathias Morrison United States Marine Corp 19 years of age when he gave his life on November 11, 1918. The day the Armistace was signed, ending World War 1." Eli came over and caught an EVP saying "Come Back". He was then pushed down the slide


EVP's Captured: 3

Anomalies in Photos: 1

Our Verdict: HAUNTED

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