Street Barn Investigation- June 28, 2014

Posted by Griffin on July 1, 2014 at 9:05 AM

Investigators Present: Griffin, Jill

Tag-along investigators: Toni, Christian, Tony, Matt

Equipment used: Digital Camera (4), Olympus Recorder, Ghost Meter EMF


We investigated the Street Barn before and saw it was haunted, and now we are back to verify the conclusion.

We first entered the barn and went to the piano in the back. The piano is said to play by itself and there has been photos of swirling mists above it. When we reached the piano, Jill unknowingly caught a picture of the spirit. Tony tried to play the piano to stir things up and Jill saw orbs in her camera screen. None of the orbs were photographed. Tony and Matt then left the barn.

We started asking questions and tried to elicit taps on the cieling. This worked in our previous investigation, but not tonight. After much time with no responses, we left the barn.


EVP's Caught: 0

Anomalies in Photos: 1

EMF Spikes; 0

Personal Experiences:1

Verdict: Not Haunted

Categories: Ghost Hunting News

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