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Street Barn Investigation- June 28, 2014

Posted by Griffin on July 1, 2014 at 9:05 AM Comments comments (0)

Investigators Present: Griffin, Jill

Tag-along investigators: Toni, Christian, Tony, Matt

Equipment used: Digital Camera (4), Olympus Recorder, Ghost Meter EMF


We investigated the Street Barn before and saw it was haunted, and now we are back to verify the conclusion.

We first entered the barn and went to the piano in the back. The piano is said to play by itself and there has been photos of swirling mists above it. When we reached the piano, Jill unknowingly caught a picture of the spirit. Tony tried to play the piano to stir things up and Jill saw orbs in her camera screen. None of the orbs were photographed. Tony and Matt then left the barn.

We started asking questions and tried to elicit taps on the cieling. This worked in our previous investigation, but not tonight. After much time with no responses, we left the barn.


EVP's Caught: 0

Anomalies in Photos: 1

EMF Spikes; 0

Personal Experiences:1

Verdict: Not Haunted

Tech Manager Spot open

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Our tech manager, Eli, has left the team. We are looking for a person with experience and all-around knowledge about paranormal investigating and equipment

New Equipment

Posted by Griffin on January 31, 2012 at 4:55 PM Comments comments (0)

We have recieved the Spirit Box B-PSB7 as seen on Ghost Adventures. Can be found at 

St. Peter's Cemetary Investiagtion

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Last night, we investigated St. Peter's Cemetary in North Ridgeville.

Investigators Present: Griffin, Eli

Part-Time Investigators: Carol

Equipment used: 3 digital Recorders, 2 Digital Cameras, Ghost Meter EMF Detector.

Our investigation started on the west side of the cemetary. We were just walking around. We caught an EVP breath.

We went to central building and caught nothing.

Next was where, on July 3, Brian, Tammy, Eli, and I saw two swings swing by themselves. We then split up, Carol went to graves again, and Eli and I stayed at the swings. We saw Eli get pushed on the swing and caught an orb going to a Hula-Hoop on the bench. I then switched places wioth Carol.

I went to the grave of Walter Morrison. His grave said "Walter Mathias Morrison United States Marine Corp 19 years of age when he gave his life on November 11, 1918. The day the Armistace was signed, ending World War 1." Eli came over and caught an EVP saying "Come Back". He was then pushed down the slide


EVP's Captured: 3

Anomalies in Photos: 1

Our Verdict: HAUNTED

Street Barn Investigation

Posted by Griffin on May 22, 2011 at 8:54 AM Comments comments (0)

  Last night, we investigated the Street Barn (see "My Haunted Places" in your haunted places)

Investigators Present: Eli (part), Cole (part), Cole, Griffin, Jill (part), Jeanie, Braeden

Equipment: Digital Recorder(4), Digital Camera (3), EMF Detector

  The investigation stated in the front of the barn. The ghost is said to be a nice female. We asked many questions in the middle and got taps up high. This tells me that the ghost probably commited suicide by hanging in the barn.

  Next we went to the imfanous piano. It has been said that it plays by itself. There were tons of taps coming from the rafters of the barn and a stick that hangs was moving when there was no breeze.

  Back in the middle of the barn, Griffin asked " If you are a boy, tap once. If you are a girl, tap twice." and we found one tap. Every investigator heard it. Cole, Eli, and Jill now left the barn.

  This story reminds me of "The Legend of the Seven Barns"(go to for the whole legend)  in which a guy murders his family and buries them under six barns and hangs himself from the seventh. This may be the seventh barn!

  We then decided to visit the underground area and leave a digital recorder on the piano. We got nothing underground.

  Up to the barn again and the stick is silent, no movement whatsoever. Jeanie asks if the ghost can move the stick and it started moving.

  We then left the barn to tell our evidence so far to the owners of the barn.

  We came back to the barn for more investigation. We then took a picture that will soon be posted on this website.

 Our Verdict: HAUNTED 


New Equipment

Posted by Griffin on February 2, 2011 at 10:44 AM Comments comments (0)

Over time, we recieved another digital recorder, and the Ghost Meter EMF Detector.

Investigation Cancelled

Posted by Griffin on July 4, 2010 at 2:56 PM Comments comments (0)



        The investigation to Gore Orphanage has been cancelled.:( It could be chosen next time.:)

The Angle Investigation

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A couple of days ago, we invetigated "The Angle" in Gettysburg, PA.

History: This is a stone wall made in a 90 degree angle. It was attacked on July 3, 1863, during Pickett's Charge in the Battlee of Gettysburg.

Investigators Present: Griffin Brian

Equipment used: 1 POV camera. 1 digital camera

We sterted out by where Confederate General Armistead waqs shot and mortally wounded . We got orbs out by the angle. No matter where we went, there were orbs.


EVPs Caught: 0

Anomalies in Photos/Video: Uncountable

Other evidence: 0


Cemetary Investigation

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 We investigated a cemetary in Mt. Gilead, OH.


Investigators: Griffin, Eli, Jim, Carol


Equipment used: 2 digital recorders, 1 digital camera, 1 ghost meter


We went to this extremely old cemetary in Mt. Gilead. We got nothing on the recorder or anomalies in pictures


EVPs caught: 0

Anomalies in photos/videos:0

Other evidence:0


Our verdict : NOT HAUNTED